Self Driving Cars?

I was driving home one night, and came up with the thought of how nice self driving cars would be. No, I didn’t invent the idea of self driving cars, but I had an epiphany of how nice they would be! Think about it. Running late would hardly ever happen. If you are almost ready to go, you don’t have to waste those few extra minutes at home, or driving and doing them (makeup, brushing hair, among other small things that we tend to do while driving). Not only would this make it safer in the mornings, but we might actually get improved work flow due to the fact that people would be able to show up on time more frequently. You could even set a timer in your car to leave so you can just nap in your car! :D. Anyway, cell phones would no longer need to be frowned upon (texting). Why would it matter if you aren’t looking at the road? Your car is driving fool! Also think about bars. Those who have had a little too much don’t need to drink and drive because the car can’t get drunk (assuming the car isn’t being hacked :(). That also brings up the point of a car malfunctioning or being corrupted. What’s the real difference between that and a human messing up? I’d have to say the chance of a computer vehicle messing up compared to a human messing up are substantially smaller. The main reasoning behind cars not making as many mistakes is that they can adjust based on weather conditions, they will know exactly what the other cars are doing and thinking. Humans could never do that unless we invent mind control :x. There are a few downsides. For example, cops and emergency vehicles can’t really be controlled automatically since those require special control and instructions. Also, the job of a bus driver would not really exist. I mean, an auto car to drive a defined route sounds pretty simple to me.

Well that was my rant and rave of self driving cars. Who knows, maybe my next step is to invent it! haha fat chance!

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  • dab

    November 4, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    If this happens then the taxi guys won’t have jobs. Also the Chauffeurs. Think about the jobs man!! THE JOBS!!!

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