New School, new site, new lifestyle

So, I recently moved to Washington State University. The campus is huge, the school spirit is larger. I’m hoping to be getting my Bachelor’s in Computer Science. Time will tell I suppose.

In other news, I’ve launched a new site called Referral Roulette. ( Referral roulette offers you the chance for 4 hours of fame. You view ads, on the site. 1 ad every 15 seconds gives you 1 credit. After so many credits, you can choose an ad to create yourself. Currently the ad options are Plain text, image and url ad, Youtube video, and adsense ad. Coming soon will be Facebook and Google+ buttons, and a 1 time ad that requires 1 click for the user to continue (Costs for this ad will be extreme fyi).

I’ve also applied for a CPALead account. It got rejected but I intend on replying with my reasoning. I misunderstood one of their questions so I’ve got to explain myself!

Anyway, stay peachy dabbians!

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