Looking for a VPS Host?

I’ve run around my fair share of  VPS hosts. I’ve come across a lot of bad hosts and a lot of good hosts. Here I’ll list a few of them:

My personal favorite: 

Linode offers very affordable, quality VPS. They utilize faster than normal drives (15000RPM if I’m not mistaken) which makes for very fast read and write speeds. Their support responds very quickly and attempts to help to the best of their knowledge. I don’t think I’ve had a support question the first layer of support hasn’t been able to answer. My only 2 complaints about Linode is their DoS policies, and their Hard disk space. In regards to their Dos Policies, if you get attacked, they null route your IP instantly and ask how you intend on resolving this issue so you aren’t attacked again. It isn’t the worst case for being attacked. Most hosts just suspend you and tell you to move on to somebody else. I will review another VPS host that specializes in DDoS Mitigated VPS but for now we discuss Linode. In regards to their Hard disk availability, since they use 15000 RPM drives, which max capacity cap near 700gb, they can’t really afford to give away TOO much disk space. I’d say they do give enough, its about $1 per gigabyte diskspace wise. Lowest plan is $19.95/month for 20gb of disk space (512mb ram). Ooh, in regards to their virtualization platform, they use Xen. This platform is preferred since you KNOW you have full access to that 512mb ram, regardless of when you need it. This prevents them from overselling so you know you’re getting quality.

That’s my review of Linode, I’ll append more reviews of other VPS hosts when I have more time. Until then!


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  • dab

    January 5, 2017 at 6:15 am

    Good observation! I guess they should have taken the picture with a refractor or a bi- or trs-rchiefipiegleS. Then there wouldn’t have been any spike-like flares

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