Linode, Cloudflare, IRC Contest, Life, and dabbit

So, I recently lost my main server, dab Hub due to a spurt of DDoS attacks. This lead me needing a new server. I searched and searched. I wanted a powerful server, at an affordable price, with reliability. I had to be realistic. I knew that I had to drop one of those requirements, to get anything. I know that I was willing to drop a bit of power for the reliability. I don’t want my server on an oversold dedi. I don’t want my server to be run by some startup 12 year old who was given a dedicated server and a range of IPs. I wanted a host with experience and price. I saw an ad on Facebook about Linode, and realized “Oh yea, I should check them out”. So I went to, and saw their servers. My goal was to be under $30/month and have more than 256mb of ram. I wanted Xen virtualization, since that disallowed simple over selling, I also wanted it to be reliable. Linode offered everything I needed. So a few weeks went by, and thanks to several donations from and I was able to purchase this new server. It was activated instantly, I chose a location in Fremont, CA, USA, and away I went. I linked it to dab IRC, and things were good. Then Hurricane Electric had some packet loss issues. I realized my second IRC server, was also hosted in HE’s DC. So, I desired to move my Linode box since I had that option, the host didn’t allow for to be moved, they only had 1 DC. So I made a ticket. No more than 45 minutes later, I had my server set to be allowed to be moved. I moved to my panel, and it said “You have a pending migration, please shut down your server to proceed”. I shut down my server, clicked the button, and Linode’s control panel took over the rest for me. It moved my image there, and I was set to go. Turned on my machine, updated my DNS, and everything worked great! I have to say, so far I am impressed with Linode. Uptime is great, speed is great, and Support is AWESOME. Very fast response time for a Sunday evening.


In relations to my DNS host, I was using I liked the idea of having my stuff protected from bots and attacks. I did not like however the fact that they went down frequently. It wasn’t the entire client base that went down. It seemed that only I was the one with the issues to connecting. During these spells, the site also took forever to load, when it did load. So I decided to move back to Dreamhost’s DNS management. Goodbye Cloudflare. You were pretty cool, just I need something up as often as I’m online. 🙂


Also, due to the lack of entries in my IRC 50$ iTunes giftcard contest, I’m extending the date to June 15th 2011. This is so I can promote it a bit more!

I also moved into a new location this week. Moved from McCleary to Olympia, thus giving me a faster connection. YAY Comcast! I can’t complain about them so far! I love their support, I love their speed, I just plain out love this upgrade in speed. I went from a MAX of 1.5mbps to 30mbps. SUCH a difference. I’m honestly shocked I survived so long with my previous, terrible host, Centurylink.

Finally, I shall be releasing dabbit very soon! I’m upgrading my comet server to be able to support a more flood of users, so you can have the most performance available! I’m utilizing node.js, using my dabet protocol. I first made a Comet server using PHP, but it felt sluggish and I’m worried about the performance on a large scale. For this reason, I’ve moved to a node js, where I can host on 3 possible servers, which will alleviate the stress from 1 server.


That’s all folks, until next time!

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  • dab

    October 21, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    Wow, great post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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