Is There Room for More Software Giants?

We have so many software companies out there already. Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, EA (and a few more). A few of those maintain a very heavy market share if not completely dominate their market. This brings me to my question. Is there room for more software giants? That saying “This room ain’t big enough for the both of us” is typically a fitting phrase for most situations. If another search engine became popular that would steal thunder from Google. If another advertising network became popular, goodbye Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google. Social Networking? Goodbye Facebook. The real question is, how likely is it that another software firm can create a product killer? People like brand recognition. Brand recognition is where all the money is at. The way I see it, if a large firm like Google or Facebook saw your company, they’ll simply buy you out or bankrupt you one way or another. They have larger funds, and a larger span of employees. They can push updates and features out faster than you can plan your features.

So really, what’s the point in attempting a start up of software programming, hoping to hit it big? You know that if you get anywhere, a larger company will either replicate what you’ve made or buy you out. Sure, being bought out isn’t always a BAD thing, but there goes your dream of doing what you love doing (unless you did it purely to be bought out :P).

So what do you think? Do you think that there is room for more/a replacement software giant(s)?

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