dabbit, dabbit, oh and School

So, I’ve been very busy lately with dabbit, dabbit and school.. During winter break. I have applied to MIT, where they require you to take 2 SAT Subject Tests. I’m not all that worried about the math one, its the science one I’m worried about. I haven’t taken enough Physics to do a test on it, otherwise I would. This leaves me with the only option of taking the Chemistry one. So I’ve been studying during my free time so I can kick these SATs’ butts!

In regards to dabbit, it has been my project for the past month or 2 (Maybe 3?). Anywho, it’s coming along greatly! I can’t wait until launch. :> It will rock your sox off!

I’ll edit with a screen shot once I remove an obvious bug… Actually no.. Here’s a screenie:

dabbit Preview

Sexy right? It’s a bit broked ’cause I updated the user list to allow me to sort them (Before it was random 🙁 ) Now it sorts by privilege then by Alphabetical order. 😀

Anyway, dabberz out. I was just staying up to get sorting working. Now I gotta fix the bugs I introduced. 🙂

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