Computer Beeps When Moving or Clicking Mouse

I got to my computer and logged in. I go to move my mouse, and suddenly I hear a series of beeps. I stop what I’m doing and the beeps continue for a short period then halt. I click. There are 2 beeps. I move my mouse 1 unit. It beeps a couple times. I attempt to click on anything, but no clicks register. I moved my mouse over a link that should have changed the cursor, but it stayed the same cursor icon. I tried unplugging my mouse, swapping ports, but the beep still persisted. I realized I had remotted into the machine earlier. So I’m thinking, I wonder if the session was somehow disconnected prematurely and didn’t return the local machine’s session completely. So, I remote in from another computer, and disconnect. I log back in and it ALMOST is restored. I still get beeps when I click and the cursor still isn’t returned to the session. I also noticed that I have a remote desktop session opened on my computer. I remote back in with another device, close that remote desktop session, and close my computer’s remote desktop session. I then login and voila! No more beeps and I can use my mouse again.

What I think happens, is the user processes are moved into a new session to be controlled by the remote desktop drivers. This makes the local machine’s input methods not have access to the user processes. I also think what happened, is when the session was disconnected, the session was restored to the active remote desktop session that was running inside the user process. I didn’t check to see if I could access the remote desktop still even though I couldn’t interact with anything else with the mouse. If it happens again, I’ll have to science that issue.

Oh, I should also mention that restarting usually fixes the issue, but I have a download going that doesn’t support resume and is throttling me to 20kb/s. Criminal! So if you want to try and fix it without restarting, maybe here is your answer!

Anyway, if you have this issue, hope what I walked through helps you. If you would like to contribute more information, I’d love to hear it. Thanks!

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  • dab

    August 27, 2015 at 6:36 am

    I also have the same problem as you while i connect to my vm (win 8.1 ) sometimes.
    I try to use an android phone to connect to the problem session and disconnect but doesn’t work.
    Then , I connect to the console session using hyper-v virtual machine connection and login to the problem account.
    So I think using any third party remote software which directly control the console session can solve this problem.

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