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Win a Free $50 iTunes Gift Card + other Cash prizes!

Do you like your iTunes library? Do you find the increasing prices a turn off for purchases. Well, I’m offering one lucky person a chance to win a $50 iTunes gift card. How do I win? What you have to do to win is start a community on dab IRC! Bring your IRC channel to […]

Self Driving Cars?

I was driving home one night, and came up with the thought of how nice self driving cars would be. No, I didn’t invent the idea of self driving cars, but I had an epiphany of how nice they would be! Think about it. Running late would hardly ever happen. If you are almost ready to go, […]


So, I’m watching the Travel channel while waiting on one of my sisters in the hospital, and they are doing this thing on bigfoot… They say he’s supposed to be 6-7′ tall. I say, bigfoot needs to come out, and join basketball! If he’s male, he’ll be tall enough to compete! If she’s female, then […] Blog Launched!

The long awaited (?) dab blog has been launched. For now I’m using Word Press until my own CMS is more complete and can handle post requests and such. Anyway, I hope everyone can enjoy this site as much as I enjoy posting on it! Hope to see you ‘all around again! Thanks! Is coming together

I just snazzed a dab.* TLD! I am so shocked!! I can’t believe it!  This means you will see lots of cool things from me. Crafty domain names, cool projects and lots, lots more!! Stay tuned!