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Just testing out a plugin. I installed some plugin to let me use <br /> in my posts so I can choose the ‘layout’. Let’s hope it works. 😀 Also, I’ve been trying out for my college’s Soccer team. I haven’t worked so hard in a long time. Feels great to start being active again! […]

Sitting at the mall…

So today I was sitting at the Capital Mall in Olympia, and the fire alarms started going off! I didn’t smell nor see any smoke so I chillled watching the puzzled looks on everyone’s faces. It was classic. Oh I suppose the reason I was at the mall was to apply for jobs. I applied […]


I made some cookies today! They are amazing. Ok… well I didn’t make them all by myself. I had the help of my sister. But still, they are amazing. Just believe me when I say, that they are amazing. I’d post a picture of them but I’m too lazy :(. Here’s the picture of them!

DeBot and dab Launched!

Well today is the marking point of DeBot and my other site being launched today! I must say today is a great day since I’ve usually been quite busy to do this stuff in a timely manner. Anyway, I hope everyone gets a chance to take a look at the new sites, and I […]