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Busy Busy Busy

Hey everyone (does anyone even read this?)! It has been a while since I’ve been on here. I’ve been busy. Classes have picked up considerably. I’ve got a few projects started up. One of my bigger projects is a BNC Host. I purchased both and I shall be tying the two services together […]

Is There Room for More Software Giants?

We have so many software companies out there already. Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, EA (and a few more). A few of those maintain a very heavy market share if not completely dominate their market. This brings me to my question. Is there room for more software giants? That saying “This room ain’t big […]

New School, new site, new lifestyle

So, I recently moved to Washington State University. The campus is huge, the school spirit is larger. I’m hoping to be getting my Bachelor’s in Computer Science. Time will tell I suppose. In other news, I’ve launched a new site called Referral Roulette. ( Referral roulette offers you the chance for 4 hours of fame. […]

IRC Contest + School

So, in regards to the IRC contest I am holding to earn a free $50 iTunes gift card is postponed. I wish to end it some time after dabbit is completed. It shouldn’t be too long though. While the contest deadline is postponed, now is the perfect time to enter!! In other news, I have […]

Get a free Server for a month or more!

Hey everyone, I’m here to talk about a a Xen VPS host that I beta trialled a while back. They are offering a free month or possibly longer of their 512mb VPS package. The server was awesome. I don’t have any stats as it never crossed my mind to actually test the specs of the […]

Linode, Cloudflare, IRC Contest, Life, and dabbit

So, I recently lost my main server, dab Hub due to a spurt of DDoS attacks. This lead me needing a new server. I searched and searched. I wanted a powerful server, at an affordable price, with reliability. I had to be realistic. I knew that I had to drop one of those requirements, to […]

IRC Nerds, dabbit, School

So school’s started back up. Taking a C++ programming class in addition to my Calculus II and Physics class. Makes for an exciting quarter. Due to school starting back up, dabbit is put on hold until I take my SATs Jan 22nd. So yea 🙁 In other completely unrelated news, I just had a pretty […]

School, SoftModded PS2, DVD Burning, IE9!

So, school started yesterday. I bought the eBook version so as to avoid lugging around 500 pounds of books everywhere I go. Not only is the weight difference better, but it is also cheaper. The heavy book cost about $200, while the ebook was only $50-ish. Physics books aren’t light, neither are Calculus books. The […]

Curly Fries!

Yea, so I totally made some curly fries. The Stores were closed, our local gas station put everything away (hot food), so my friend and I decided to make some Curly fries out of some potatoes. So I took 3 potatoes, used our Curly Potato maker thing, mixed them in some salt, flour, and pepper, […]


Yea, so soccer season for the college has started up. NOt bad, my touches are way bad, but its lots of fun. Our team sucks at communicating and junk, but we’ll get better… I hope. That’s really it on the news. I’ve been planning out dabbit chat, a new chat interface for IRC. I’m hoping […]