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Linode, Cloudflare, IRC Contest, Life, and dabbit

So, I recently lost my main server, dab Hub due to a spurt of DDoS attacks. This lead me needing a new server. I searched and searched. I wanted a powerful server, at an affordable price, with reliability. I had to be realistic. I knew that I had to drop one of those requirements, to […]

Buzzwords: The Cloud

Buzzwords. Used commonly on the sheep shoppers. It is used to introduce a new idea or terminology in a simple way, so that anyone can understand and explain it themselves, appearing a professional at it. We witnessed this idea with Web 2.0. It was spread among every template and website and internet user. Making them […]

IRC Nerds, dabbit, School

So school’s started back up. Taking a C++ programming class in addition to my Calculus II and Physics class. Makes for an exciting quarter. Due to school starting back up, dabbit is put on hold until I take my SATs Jan 22nd. So yea 🙁 In other completely unrelated news, I just had a pretty […]

dabbit, dabbit, oh and School

So, I’ve been very busy lately with dabbit, dabbit and school.. During winter break. I have applied to MIT, where they require you to take 2 SAT Subject Tests. I’m not all that worried about the math one, its the science one I’m worried about. I haven’t taken enough Physics to do a test on […]

Windows 7 Feeling Sluggy After Use? Speed it up!

So, I have a lot of people talk about how their computer has been running really slow, and are considering formatting, or switching Operating Systems. I have no issue with either, but you should know the fix-all solution to Windows isn’t always reformatting. Here are some tips I recommend that will get your computer starting […]

School, SoftModded PS2, DVD Burning, IE9!

So, school started yesterday. I bought the eBook version so as to avoid lugging around 500 pounds of books everywhere I go. Not only is the weight difference better, but it is also cheaper. The heavy book cost about $200, while the ebook was only $50-ish. Physics books aren’t light, neither are Calculus books. The […]