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Computer Beeps When Moving or Clicking Mouse

I got to my computer and logged in. I go to move my mouse, and suddenly I hear a series of beeps. I stop what I’m doing and the beeps continue for a short period then halt. I click. There are 2 beeps. I move my mouse 1 unit. It beeps a couple times. I […]

Create a LocalDb Named Pipe

I was unable to find this information easily, had to play around with some things myself to find it. I’m hoping by posting here, others will be able to find it easier than I did. If you want to create a named pipe for localdb, you can use the sqllocaldb.exe tool in command prompt. If […]

Busy Busy Busy

Hey everyone (does anyone even read this?)! It has been a while since I’ve been on here. I’ve been busy. Classes have picked up considerably. I’ve got a few projects started up. One of my bigger projects is a BNC Host. I purchased both and I shall be tying the two services together […]

Looking for a VPS Host?

I’ve run around my fair share of  VPS hosts. I’ve come across a lot of bad hosts and a lot of good hosts. Here I’ll list a few of them: My personal favorite:  Linode offers very affordable, quality VPS. They utilize faster than normal drives (15000RPM if I’m not mistaken) which makes for very fast […]

Is There Room for More Software Giants?

We have so many software companies out there already. Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, EA (and a few more). A few of those maintain a very heavy market share if not completely dominate their market. This brings me to my question. Is there room for more software giants? That saying “This room ain’t big […]

Reset Windows Password using Ultimate Boot CD 5.11

Boot up the Ultimate Boot CD Down arrow to “HDD”, Press enter Down arrow to “Data Recovery”, Press enter Down arrow to “Offline NT Password & Registry Editor 110511”, Press enter (This may have changed during software revisions) When prompted boot, just hit enter. Select the Windows Drive, 1-n where n is # of partitions. […]

Why the world isn’t ready for cloud

So while installing Windows 8 Developer Edition in a Virtual box, I noticed that my disk space has 6gb left. I thought about if I had a cloud server access if that would be better… I realized that the world isn’t ready for the cloud yet. Well, at least the US isn’t yet ready. I […]

New School, new site, new lifestyle

So, I recently moved to Washington State University. The campus is huge, the school spirit is larger. I’m hoping to be getting my Bachelor’s in Computer Science. Time will tell I suppose. In other news, I’ve launched a new site called Referral Roulette. ( Referral roulette offers you the chance for 4 hours of fame. […]

IRC Contest + School

So, in regards to the IRC contest I am holding to earn a free $50 iTunes gift card is postponed. I wish to end it some time after dabbit is completed. It shouldn’t be too long though. While the contest deadline is postponed, now is the perfect time to enter!! In other news, I have […]

Get a free Server for a month or more!

Hey everyone, I’m here to talk about a a Xen VPS host that I beta trialled a while back. They are offering a free month or possibly longer of their 512mb VPS package. The server was awesome. I don’t have any stats as it never crossed my mind to actually test the specs of the […]