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C++ Event Emitter, Javascript Style

I had the brief idea to convert an IRC parsing library I wrote from Javascript to C++ for fun. Don’t ask me why. The library was originally written in C#. It was then converted to Javascript. I decided a third conversion wasn’t in the books but I wrote a neat little C++ EventEmitter that works […]

Create a LocalDb Named Pipe

I was unable to find this information easily, had to play around with some things myself to find it. I’m hoping by posting here, others will be able to find it easier than I did. If you want to create a named pipe for localdb, you can use the sqllocaldb.exe tool in command prompt. If […]

Busy Busy Busy

Hey everyone (does anyone even read this?)! It has been a while since I’ve been on here. I’ve been busy. Classes have picked up considerably. I’ve got a few projects started up. One of my bigger projects is a BNC Host. I purchased both and I shall be tying the two services together […]

Are today’s tools making programmers lazy?

I’ve installed a few applications lately that looked all neat and what have you, but functionality seemed very limited. I accidently right clicked on the program, and the internet explorer context menu popped up. I couldn’t believe to see that something that was in charge of updating my Blu Ray drive’s firmware was partially programmed […]

Linode, Cloudflare, IRC Contest, Life, and dabbit

So, I recently lost my main server, dab Hub due to a spurt of DDoS attacks. This lead me needing a new server. I searched and searched. I wanted a powerful server, at an affordable price, with reliability. I had to be realistic. I knew that I had to drop one of those requirements, to […]

dabbit, dabbit, oh and School

So, I’ve been very busy lately with dabbit, dabbit and school.. During winter break. I have applied to MIT, where they require you to take 2 SAT Subject Tests. I’m not all that worried about the math one, its the science one I’m worried about. I haven’t taken enough Physics to do a test on […]

1 + 1 = 40

Every stumble across something that didn’t make sense to you? I know I have done that time and time again. I remember one time looking at the PHP socket_select function and trying to figure out for the life of me how it worked. I just couldn’t seem to grasp my head around the wonders of […]