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Short User plug

Hey I’m just posting today to help out a friend. He’s a very talented 3D graphics guy. You should check out is site and give him a buzz if you’re interested. He’s looking for some freelancing and even job opportunities! So check him out, he’s good!

Get a free Server for a month or more!

Hey everyone, I’m here to talk about a a Xen VPS host that I beta trialled a while back. They are offering a free month or possibly longer of their 512mb VPS package. The server was awesome. I don’t have any stats as it never crossed my mind to actually test the specs of the […]

Linode, Cloudflare, IRC Contest, Life, and dabbit

So, I recently lost my main server, dab Hub due to a spurt of DDoS attacks. This lead me needing a new server. I searched and searched. I wanted a powerful server, at an affordable price, with reliability. I had to be realistic. I knew that I had to drop one of those requirements, to […]

Another Friend!

I recently spoke to a friend and he told me about his website: A server host similiar to, but they are just getting on their feet. Their website looks really nice and I hope to see great things from them! The reason I bring them up is not only because Search Engines like links […]