Busy Busy Busy

Hey everyone (does anyone even read this?)! It has been a while since I’ve been on here. I’ve been busy.

Classes have picked up considerably. I’ve got a few projects started up. One of my bigger projects is a BNC Host. I purchased both RdlBNC.com and GeekBouncer.co.uk. I shall be tying the two services together with a service called BNC Host (.com). I’m actively developing my own BNC Daemon software. I chose this route for a couple reasons. The primary reason is that ZNC is just too open, and not suitable for multiple servers. This new BNC software shares a user database stored on a MySQL server. This allows a user to login to any of the connected servers without any hassle.

I’d explain more but that would just give away the surprise that I hope to do. I’m still pretty far from launch, but each day I get closer!

Hope to be able to talk about more things I’m doing. I just need to remember to do it!


Take care for now guys!

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