Are today’s tools making programmers lazy?

I’ve installed a few applications lately that looked all neat and what have you, but functionality seemed very limited. I accidently right clicked on the program, and the internet explorer context menu popped up. I couldn’t believe to see that something that was in charge of updating my Blu Ray drive’s firmware was partially programmed using HTML… I understand that these higher up (scripting) languages make coding easy and fast, however I feel that they should never be used for launch of a project dealing with something so low level (anything running on the desktop in general).

There are times when using something higher up is appropriate (the Chat window in Linkinus IRC client for mac for instance). However I feel that seeing it in something dealing with firmware is just silly and lazy.

Also, what happened to wanting superior performance? These higher up languages obviously have speed issues as compared to C++. People these days want the idea of instant gratification, even if it means at the poorer customer satisfaction.

So that brings me to the topic, are the easy to use, fast to deploy programming tools making programmers lazy and inefficient? I mean, when a programmer chooses to do half his program in a scripting language, relying on a bloated framework that is not cross platform, that severely limits not only the possibilities capable by the program itself, but also the clientele available AND the speed of this program.


That’s enough of today’s raging. Until next time dabbians!

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