I used to write small applications from time to time for various purposes. Below are some of the more finished and “polished” applications I wrote that I felt are great to demonstrate.

I was procrastinating my own programming homework so I decided to attempt another
24 hour coding project (My last one was
What this program does is monitors your GPU temperatures remotely. You can also adjust your temps remotely.
The program works by using the IPC of MSI Afterburner. Then it connects to a node server, which waits for a
client to connect using You can view the code here:
This program is useful for Folding@Home users who wish to monitor their GPUs remotely, and for bitcoin miners
who wish to monitor their rigs (This project supports multiple machines, each spouting multiple GPUS).
Here’s some screenies:

Windows Client
Node server

This program was a homework assignment. Our professor provided the base header
file and we had to fill in the code. I enjoyed making this game and even enhanced
his version further. He wanted us to provide 2 grids for current and next generations.
I instead used an extra character inside the grid to show previous and past. So
instead of using twice the amount of memory, I’m only using 1 extra byte per cell.
You can view the code here:
github Game of Life
Game of life screenshot

The Spanish Helper application helped create Spanish Lists for the Spanish Helper Game used by the students of Elma High School. You can download this tool here: Spanish List Helper
Spanish Helper Screen Shot

The Glimmer Internet filter is designed to be a simple and easy method to block what your computer is being used for.
With a secure log, process handling, and many other features, this program is easily a must have for computer protection.
It currently only is operational with WindowsXP. We are working on updating it for use with the newest Windows Operating System,
Windows 7. Here is a screenshot of the program in action:
Glimmer Screen Shot